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Ideas and Innovations

We have many projects both we are working on at JSR CIC such as Food banks we are running for the local residents of Jaywick. We are running local Tea and Coffee mornings for the older Jaywick Residents of Jaywick, plus Tea and Coffee Mornings and Afternoons for the single parents of Jaywick to mingle and have a chat about life in general and hopefully make some new friends. If you have any suggestions about what you’d like to see happen in Jaywick then please let us know in our Contact us page.

We at JSR CIC have been graciously given by Sir Martin Frobisher Academy, Ravens Academy and Holland Haven, their lost property items including school uniforms which have been washed and ironed and are FREE to take by anyone in Jaywick Sands

  • Pre Loved School Uniforms.
  • We have successfully helped young adults into apprenticeships
  • Arranged for our local school to be apart of the Red Box project
  • We used our hub as a base for the Winter Warmers project run by CVST
  • JSRCIC worked hard to collect Coats, Scarves, Hats & Gloves from the local community to re-distribute to people to people who need it.
  • Were working with outside agencies to get an all year cleaner Jaywick, instead of just the summer months
  • Working with our local council to get bins to residents who still don’t have access to them
  • We’ve used JSR’s equipment for our local school Disco for free
  • JSR in association with Essex County Council arranged a pinpoint exercise for local residents to attend and tell the council where the structural issues are in Jaywick
  • We are now associated with D.E.R.i.C.CVST Active Essex Clothes Bank. Food Bank. Baby Bank Tendering Our local Primary School, Jaywick Resource Centre, Lill Pals Nursery
    Essex County Council.& Tendring District Council
  • On the run-up to Christmas,
    JSR CIC was donated £500.00 worth of children’s toy to the Jaywick Community and was received gratefully